The virtual ?? sexual ?? visual ?? choclate monkeys – called torch

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Virtual Band (Link: Advantages – unlimited membership, virtual rehearsal, ...)


Torch are:






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All opinions on this page express the opinions of virtually all band members while no one (you, and I neither, and Torch never!) can be hold responsible under any legal or moral prescriptions

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Virtual music

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Torch are for all ages, about scaring and happiness

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Storie – Overview

The virtual choclate monkeys are a classical stroy. Hanging around south, bent but not broken, the core members meet and get stuck with god in the stock exchange called party – on a sofa. Their common dream of happiness, success, money, girlz and boyz culminated in the spontaneously  broken formation of Tvcm called torch  in December 2000. After having shown the reducability of all questions to deep questions, which are unanswerable and therefore trivial, Tvcm called torch reorganized the conversation about virtually nothing.


The great talent of the individual torch-ured members immediately catalysed the first number 1 single hit of the virtual Top 100. This was the stepping stone for a career which exploded in the following. Virtually everybody was found to be audience of Tvcm called torch, the virtual rehearsal space was established, virtually all musical categories of performances (from live concerts to studio recordings to silence) boomed. 


While these things may seem trivial today – everybody does it now, everybody goes virtual – that was not true then. Several virtual bands, estimated numbers range from 1 to 1324867 pursued their projects individually and from the roots. The general public was unaware of the transformation that would change America, but not the world.



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Research Proposal:

Experiencing the sexual band gap in different situations (link: situations list – coffee house gap, apartment gap, opposite couch gap, covered T-shirt gap, body gap ##link: not body guard ##...) members of Tvcm called torch experiment with different methods of coping. Various methods like signalling analysis, candy stick, increasing the temperature, drinking, virtually performing ... have already been tested with various results. There is, however, up to date, no sufficient knowledge on a successful BRIDGING.

While spontaneaous bridging is observed, its probability is very low and the perseverence of its grace is still questionable – although topic of intensive research going back at least until the middle ages and St. Augustin. It is therefore of great importance to conduct further and more controlled experiments (costs: about 2000000 $) on the topic.

Applications could range from personal individual problem solutions to small group gluing to mass phenomena transformation.



Everything is done virtually

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